Class Portfolio

A collection of projects created during the Autumn 2019 Quarter.

Image composition, woman in forest.

Image Composition
This was an exercise using layers, masks, and image corrections to composite a person into a different background. I started with an image of myself on my deck, then created a selection mask removing myself from the background of the photo. I added the mask as a layer to a new background of a forest, then used correction tools to tweak the image to make the lighting and placement look a little more realistic.

Postcard with images from Frederick, Maryland.

Postcard Design
For this exercise, I created a postcard using images of things around my hometown, type to convey a message, and the pen tool to create a custom vector shape (an old stone bell tower in one our parks). I used layer styles to create effects around the text and images to provide depth and texture.

An image of water being poured out of a pitcher and flowing back up.

Web Cinemagraph from Video
For this exercise I started with a recorded video and isolated specific images, creating a still background and only allowing the video to show through in specific places. I then reversed the images and appended them to the end of the video, resulting in a still image with water being poured out of a pitcher then flowing back in.

An image of a sleeping dog.

For this exercise I used the mixer brush tool and blending styles to turn a photograph into an image that looks like a painting.